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Clayton South, Victoria 3169

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Clayton South, Victoria 3169


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Established in 1987, Hicks Marketing Services Pty Ltd is a one-stop shop for the design and production of beverage lists, menus, wine-of-the-month cards, shelf talkers, header boards, posters, flyers, brochures, news letters, tasting notes and more.

We offer a cost-efficient service, a fast turn-around time and work nationally.


While turn-around time is almost wholly dependent on the artwork approval process, we manage to process 98% of general work within 10 working days and a significant percentage of that figure in less than a week, many in a day or two.


Apart from 25 years experience, Hicks Marketing Services Pty Ltd has considerable wine product knowledge bringing an extra dimension of accuracy and understanding to work processed.

  1. Jobs arrive via email, post, courier or hand.
  2. Draft artwork is returned within a day of arrival.
  3. On receipt of approval, the job is processed to requirements - printed, laminated, folded, packaged and despatched. Smaller jobs will see that happen within a day while larger jobs may take up to three days.
  4. We despatch jobs via Australia Post and couriers.
  5. We invoice weekly.
  6. Our standard terms are 30 days from date of invoice.

"Warragul Thai were blown away with the professionalism of the tent cards. She put them on the tables, while I was bringing the boxes in, and there were sales before I left the restaurant. Fantastic work."

Rick Stockdale - Brandy Creek Wines

"Just spoke to our Rep in Nth QLD and he received the 3 Cards (on Monday) you designed for the multiple venues. All our reps are really impressed with your work, and the company's awesome turn-aound time."

Kimberley Brown - Wine Fusion & Brown Brothers



assisting the wine, beverage and hospitality industries

A turn-around time example

On reviewing the work progress rate, of one of our clients across the 08/09 financial year, we note that of the 350+ jobs requested and finished, 22 % were despatched the same day the jobs arrived and 52% despatched within 24 hours.